I’m no J. Ralph…

…but, faced with the most frustrating writer’s block I think I’ve ever had (seriously, I haven’t written a single word since I finished Mary Clockwork, I think), I decided to try and distract myself in an attempt to let my subconscious work things out. Unfortunately, it didn’t work, but I thought I’d share the results of my distraction here.

I tried to sing everything myself again, but, alas, the wandering bass line defeated me and I ended up just using the track I composed with from GarageBand. Also, though that’s me ‘singing’ the percussion lines, I totally stole sampled it from a Madonna song (‘I Deserve It’ from Music).

Please to be remembering that I am neither a) a lyricist nor b) a soloist and that I am c) extraordinarily self-conscious about my singing, so be kind if you comment.

ETA 5/10/09: Oops – not working anymore! I’ll have to see what I can do about that…

I think I’m fairly pleased with it, considering I haven’t done any composing since I was at university, but I do wish it had broken my writer’s block…


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