We have a nickname!

As I’ve said before, the doors to our apartments are very thin, which means that it’s very easy to hear, very clearly, across the hall. So, I was watching an MST3K movie on my computer and probably laughing a bit at it – not super-loudly, I don’t think, just a normal laughter-level – PLUS it was only 6pm or so, a very reasonable hour to be laughing. I was also meeting my parents for dinner and as I was locking my door, my phone rang. Now, my ringtone for my father is one of the Mozart horn concertos. I don’t know which one off the top of my head – it’s the most famous one. You’d recognise it if you heard it. So my phone rings and from my new across-the-way-neighbor’s apartment, I hear ‘SHUT UP!’

He has therefore been nicknamed ‘Shouty Bastard.’

‘Shouty’ for short.

ETA: A wrench has been thrown in my nicknaming. I met Shouty this afternoon and, not only did he introduce himself with a very good handshake, he seemed entirely too polite to be the kind of person to shout at an unknown neighbor. Judgement shall be reserved for the time being and, until further notice, he will be known as ‘Shouty?’.


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