A puzzle…answered!

The answer to September 22nd’s puzzle is that all of those people share a birthday that day! And here are the answers to the bonus question: How many can you name?

  1. Toni Basil
  2. Scott Baio
  3. Tommy Lasorda
  4. Anne of Cleves
  5. Joan Jett
  6. Frodo Baggins
  7. Bilbo Baggins
  8. Anne of My Blank Page
  9. Bonnie Hunt
  10. Nick Cave
  11. King Sunny Ade
  12. Billie Piper
  13. Anne of Austria

Non-fiction: Travel essay

Blue Latitudes by Tony Horwitz

I’m not even going to tell you how long it took me to read this book. It’s embarrassing. Even more so because I have no good reason for the delay – the book was perfectly good, it was just sheer laziness on my part. I can’t even blame the onset of new television because I was reading this book long before then.

So. In Blue Latitudes, Tony Horwitz decides to follow Captain Cook around the globe. Which is interesting enough, but really I think I had a problem with Horwitz’ writing. It seemed a little too journalistic to me, as though he was reporting rather than regaling. It makes sense, though, seeing as he’s a Pulitzer-winning reporter, that he would be more comfortable in reporter-mode. But it’s not what I was hoping for – I prefer my travel narratives more in the style of Bill Bryson, much more personal and personable. Tony’s own experiences seemed rather dry because they were just reported, a style which worked much better when he was relating Captain Cook’s actual experiences (which were very exciting and, more than once, I was glad when he turned back to the historical narrative line).

I’ll tell you a secret. I actually only bought Blue Latitudes because I really wanted A Voyage Long and Strange but wasn’t ready to pay hardcover prices not knowing if I’d like the writer. And, despite my above complaints about Horwitz, I think I’ll likely end up going back for A Voyage Long and Strange (though I can’t exactly put my finger on why I’m willing to give him a second chance).

My rating: B

New TV: Monday

Chuck (7:00pm CST, NBC)

I thought maybe we were going to have a new plot device for most of this first episode, but it looks like we’re back to the same old plot as last year. Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing – I’ll still be tuning in (though not until Tuesday since it airs opposite The Big Bang Theory and HIMYM). Mostly because I like Zachary Levi (he wears the same shoes as me!) and I like Chuck and Sarah and, of course, it’s always fun to see Jayne around town. ๐Ÿ˜‰

My rating: I admit that it could be a bit better, but I still like it.

New TV: Sunday

The Simpsons (7:00pm CST, FOX)

It’s the Simpsons. Homer says ‘D’oh,’ Marge says ‘Hmmm,’ Bart says…well, you know how it goes. It’s been on a bit of a downhill spiral for the last few seasons (though when you’re in season 19, I suppose it’s only to be expected), but hopefully the quality will pick up again. At any rate, I’m going to keep watching in the hopes that it does.

My rating: It’s not Sunday without the Simpsons!

September Daring Bakers Challenge!

I left this to the very last minute, but I made it! This was a nice change from the cakes and pastries (not that I don’t love cakes and pastries). And it was an extra bit of a challenge because we were all baking vegan this month! And it was a savory recipe!! Or it was until I saw that someone had covered theirs with sugar and cinnamon instead of savory spices.

It was very easy to put together – only bowls and spoons – no mixers this time which means easy clean-up. And it was very tasty! I’m not usually a big fan of crunchy dessert things, but because these have more of a cracker texture than, say, a shortbread, I think that made the difference.

My dipping sauce is Strawberry Balsamic Buttercream. I still had the strawberry balsamic syrup from the cupcake attempts and was desperate to use it up (I may be making some more cupcakes soon if I can’t think of anything else!), so I used the raspberry buttercream recipe from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World and just substituted my strawberry balsamic syrup for the raspberry syrup.


New TV: Thursday

My Name Is Earl (7:00pm CST, NBC)

Season 2 was a little bit of a disappointment compared to the genius of the first, but, as long as they keep going the same direction they are at the moment, season 3 is looking up! There’s no Alyssa Milano in sight and Earl is back to the list which was always the best part of the show.

My rating: It’s Thursday – if I don’t watch TV from 7-9, I don’t know what to do with myself!

The Office (8:00pm CST, NBC)

I love Holly. Let me just make that clear right now. I think she makes an excellent foil to Michael because she’s just as awkward as Michael, but, where I feel sorry for Michael, I identify with Holly. Maybe that’s just me? Anyway, we’ve got some conflict in the Jim/Pam relationship (BUT YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!) because they’re at a distance now with her in New York for three months (though if that doesn’t work out in the end, there will definitely be a TV-shaped hole in my window).

My rating: Even if I didn’t love it, I’d need a way to pass the time before 30 Rock. ๐Ÿ˜‰


ETA2: Wow, ER has been on television for half my life.

New TV: Monday

The Big Bang Theory (7:00pm CST, CBS)

It’s easily the most embarrassing thing I watch on TV, thanks mostly to its raucous CBS studio audience (I swear, today when Leonard kissed Penny, they actually went ‘wooooOOOOOOOOoooooo!’). It’s perhaps not the most subtle comedy on television at the moment, but, for some reason, I love it. I think it’s because if Sheldon were a woman and short a few IQ points, he would be me.

Also, they have an awesome theme song – ‘We built the pyramids!’

My rating: I’m not about to tell anyone, but I’m setting my VCR to tape this as we speak.

How I Met Your Mother (7:30pm CST, CBS)

After 30 Rock (which doesn’t start until October 30 – Why, 30 Rock, WHYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!), I think I might go out on a limb and say that How I Met Your Mother is the best comedy on TV at the moment. And no, I didn’t forget about The Office and, yes, I adore The Office. Everyone’s back and everyone’s fantastic! Lily and Marshall are hilarious, Robin’s cool, Ted’s earnest, and Neil Patrick Harris is giving Alec Baldwin a run for his money for Funniest Man on Television. I adore Barney! ๐Ÿ˜€

Stella accepted Ted’s proposal, but I can’t bring myself to believe that she’s The Mother. Which makes me sad because I like Sarah Chalke – I guess she’ll have to head back to Scrubs soon enough, though.

My rating: Legen–come on, how could I not do it?–dary!

Heroes (8:00pm CST, NBC)

I like Super-Powerful and Ruthless Peter from the future. I miss Matt and Mohinder playing My Two Dads with Molly. I still LOVE Hiro. I like his speedster chick much better than his Japanese princess. Sylar is back with a vengeance. I can’t seem to separate reality from fiction because I can’t stop thinking that Claire and Peter are actually dating despite being uncle and niece and am oddly un-freaked out by it…

What’s up with indestructible, evangelical Nathan? What about Ali Larter and Ali Larter and Ali Larter (are there three of them now or still just the two)? Will Maya be as boring this season as she was last season? How about Micah and his cousin who learns things? How will they get to the point where Claire is ready to shoot her boyfriend favorite uncle? Will Mr. Buggles survive a third season? Why is Mohinder always so sweaty (not that I’m necessarily complaining…)? Wait, is Sylar not the big baddie for this season?

Mostly, the main theme of my Heroes-watching evening has been ‘Bzuh?’ I didn’t buy season 2, uh, because it sucked, but I may have to now just to refresh my memory.

My rating: Season 1 was so great, I’m overlooking season 2 (it was all the writers’ strike’s fault, really) and giving them a hearty second chance.


…last night I dreamt that instead of spiders?


Like, lobsters that are lobster-sized, but act like spiders. So you’d come home and sitting on the wall up in the corner would be a lobster. Or the cat would be playing with something and you’d go to check it out and it’d be a lobster. Or you’d be innocently driving your car to the service garage and a lobster would run up your leg.

Subconscious, I don’t know what you’re trying to tell me, but whatever it is, it’s not cool.

Not. Cool.

New TV: Thursday

Smallville (7:00pm CST, The CW)

Well, it meant watching 20 episodes in 3 days, but I made it! I finally got to see an episode of Smallville…ON TV! It was very exciting. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go because apparently Lana is only going to be in a few episodes this season as a guest star and I don’t know if Lex is coming back at all.

Which leaves Clark, Chloe (thank goodness!), and Lois with a new crew of baddies and goodies. Oliver (the Green Arrow – doesn’t that hood cut down on his peripheral vision?) has finally graduated to the opening credits and the new Lex is someone named Tess Mercer (which EW tells me is an homage to two other Superman villains). So it looks like the…Justice League (I’m not super-up on the mythology here, so I may be getting it wrong – also, so far it’s just Green Arrow and Swimmy Guy, I don’t know if Fast Kid and Cyborg Dude will be showing up later – unless Black Canary counts – is she in the Justice League?) will be more prominent and maybe now that Lana’s out of the picture (which I’m sad about, I always liked her with Clark), they’ll get around to ramping up the chemistry between Clark and Lois.

It looks like Clark is heading to Metropolis for the season – I’m going to miss the Kent farmhouse, but it’s just not the same without Lex, Lana, Martha, and Jonathan, so maybe it’s the right choice. Chloe and her Brainiac powers still live above the Talon and Tess is ensconced in the Luthor mansion, so that’ll give them an excuse to visit Smallville, at least.

Oh, no, you didn’t, Jimmy! I never liked you and now I have a SERIOUSLY GOOD REASON NOT TO. You do NOT treat Chloe like–oh. PSYCH! Never mind. I still don’t really like him, but I’m back to wondering why…

But I think this is the last one I get to actually watch – it conflicts with NBC’s Thursday Comedy Night Done Right which, I’m sorry, cannot be missed, which means that from now on, for me, Smallville airs on Fridays.

My rating: Super-good!

Nom, nom, nom!

This is oh, so, yummy, but oh, so, not photogenic, so I’ll let the ever-fabulous Smitten Kitchen show you her pictures because if anyone can make this look as good as it tastes, it’s her! But, yes, verrrry tasty. You should have it for dinner.

What are you waiting for?! I meant you should have it for dinner TONIGHT! GO!

(Six more episodes of Smallville to go – I think I’m going to make it!)

New TV: Tuesday

House (7:00pm CST, FOX)

Oh, this is SUCH a fantastic show! I mean, sure it has flaws – Chase and Cameron are still there but barely (and I miss them!); 13 (oh, 13, you make me cry!), Kutner, and Taub are his new team, but they don’t get to be in the opening credits; they made Cameron dye her hair so that she wouldn’t look so much like 13 and Cameron is an…unfortunate blonde; Cuddy’s pregnancy attempts seem to have just been swept under the rug (unless I missed something – anybody?); and the diagnoses do follow a pattern – but it’s the characters that are so amazing!

They’re dealing with the strain on the House/Wilson relationship following Amber’s death (I miss Cutthroat Bitch – we had the same name and she was super-tall, too) which is making Wilson actually realise and deal with their dysfunctional friendship. 13 is dealing with issues of her own. And rumor has it there will be developments between House and Cuddy – yay!

But mostly Hugh Laurie is just awesome.

My rating: Do you even have to ask? ๐Ÿ˜‰

And now back to Smallville (if I can watch 11 episodes by Thursday, I can watch it as it airs!)…

New TV: Sunday

Entourage (10:00pm, HBO)

I know, I know, it’s neither Sunday, nor the first episode of the new season of Entourage. It’s just that I was so excited to finally have any new television to watch that it slipped my mind to tell you about it. And also, I don’t get HBO, so for me, Entourage is on Mondays. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So Vince is recovering from the bomb that was Medellin, Drama is still finally on a successful television show (don’t mess it up, Drama!), E’s agency is branching out a bit, Turtle is still Turtle, and Ari is still, well, Ari. I think EW were disappointed that it seemed to be more of the same, but that’s fine with me!

My rating: In it for the long (Well, short – do they do the full 20-some-odd episodes? It never seems like it…) haul, baby!

True Blood (9:00pm, HBO)

I guess this one also counts as New TV, but I’m not sure I’m going to stick with it. I like Anna Paquin, but it just mostly wasn’t what I was expecting. I wasn’t thinking it’d be a laugh a minute comedy or anything, but I definitely thought it would at least be a dramedy. No such luck, I’m afraid. It was really dark and fairly violent – I know, I know, there are vampires, what was I thinking?! I guess I thought it would have a more Buffy-esque tone and it’s definitely just straight drama.

Not to put anyone off – I haven’t read the books, so I really knew nothing going into it – it just wasn’t what I was expecting…

My rating: I may watch another episode to see if it settles in a bit more, but I’m not really getting my hopes up.


The spider was waiting for me when I went out to my car this morning, dangling serenely on a string of web from my gear shift to the radio. Actually, I think he may have died during the night as he didn’t move at all during the long minutes while I shuffled around in the driveway, screwing up my courage and coming this closeย to asking the garbageman to kill it for me. Eventually I hit him with my shoe and I am either a crack shot when it comes to whacking spiders with shoes or, like I said, he was already dead when I got there.

Now I just have to worry if he is actually a she, what the odds are that there are eggs to be found (Charlotte died right after she had her babies, right?).

Because if I am driving down the street and hordes of baby spiders begin to run out of my heater vents, I will actually drive the car into something and die in an horrific, fiery accident.