Well, fuck. Or,…


I made the lovely plum cake over on Smitten Kitchen this evening. After the alotted time, I tested it with a toothpick and, since only the merest crumb stuck to it and not wanting to overbake it, I decided to take it out, thinking that it would just firm up that last little bit in the pan.

After letting it cool for 15 minutes, I went to turn it out of the pan. It promptly fell out of the pan and mushed itself onto my counter, a giant blob of uncooked batter and plums. I’m leaving this picture rather on the big side so you can get a good, horrified look at it!

The Dimply Plum cake from Smitten Kitchen aka DISASTER CAKE!

The Dimply Plum cake from Smitten Kitchen aka DISASTER CAKE!

Look at it. Mocking me with its unbakedness.

The most aggravating part is that I can’t call up my landlord to complain because the oven thermometer assures me that the temperature is correct. It has been suggested that perhaps the thermometer is faulty, but I find it hard to believe that, rather than identifying the temperature as -15 degrees or, you know, 4000 degrees, a broken thermometer would just HAPPEN to agree with the oven dial.

I broke off a corner of it where it was baked properly and it made me even more disappointed that it hadn’t turned out because damn it, it was tasty! I still have some plums left over, though, because Smitten Kitchen must have been using super-tiny plums – she got 16 plum halves into her 8×8 pan and I could only get 8 – so maybe I’ll have another go and just leave the fucker in the oven for, like, an hour.

Cheating never tasted so good!

I had some strawberries leftover from the butter-overloaded cupcakes I made earlier and, desperate to use them up before they went bad, decided to make a strawberry galette with them.

Kind of.

See, rather than making a pate sucre and doing a lovely rustic pie-type thing, here, you just use a sheet of puff pastry dough (which I happened to have) and, in my case (the recipe directs you to form an artful spiral of strawberries), dump a bunch of strawberries and sugar in the middle, bake it for 40 minutes or so, and then proceed to eat the entire thing in one day.

Which I feel less bad about now that I don’t have plum cake to eat, too (I’ll tell you about that disaster next).