New TV: Sunday

Entourage (10:00pm, HBO)

I know, I know, it’s neither Sunday, nor the first episode of the new season of Entourage. It’s just that I was so excited to finally have any new television to watch that it slipped my mind to tell you about it. And also, I don’t get HBO, so for me, Entourage is on Mondays. 😉

So Vince is recovering from the bomb that was Medellin, Drama is still finally on a successful television show (don’t mess it up, Drama!), E’s agency is branching out a bit, Turtle is still Turtle, and Ari is still, well, Ari. I think EW were disappointed that it seemed to be more of the same, but that’s fine with me!

My rating: In it for the long (Well, short – do they do the full 20-some-odd episodes? It never seems like it…) haul, baby!

True Blood (9:00pm, HBO)

I guess this one also counts as New TV, but I’m not sure I’m going to stick with it. I like Anna Paquin, but it just mostly wasn’t what I was expecting. I wasn’t thinking it’d be a laugh a minute comedy or anything, but I definitely thought it would at least be a dramedy. No such luck, I’m afraid. It was really dark and fairly violent – I know, I know, there are vampires, what was I thinking?! I guess I thought it would have a more Buffy-esque tone and it’s definitely just straight drama.

Not to put anyone off – I haven’t read the books, so I really knew nothing going into it – it just wasn’t what I was expecting…

My rating: I may watch another episode to see if it settles in a bit more, but I’m not really getting my hopes up.

One thought on “New TV: Sunday

  1. True Blood resembles Heroes at first glance (just rented the first episode from Blockbuster), though it still feels mostly original… for some reason this show makes me want to eat Cajun food and drink cheap beer

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