The spider was waiting for me when I went out to my car this morning, dangling serenely on a string of web from my gear shift to the radio. Actually, I think he may have died during the night as he didn’t move at all during the long minutes while I shuffled around in the driveway, screwing up my courage and coming this close to asking the garbageman to kill it for me. Eventually I hit him with my shoe and I am either a crack shot when it comes to whacking spiders with shoes or, like I said, he was already dead when I got there.

Now I just have to worry if he is actually a she, what the odds are that there are eggs to be found (Charlotte died right after she had her babies, right?).

Because if I am driving down the street and hordes of baby spiders begin to run out of my heater vents, I will actually drive the car into something and die in an horrific, fiery accident.


One thought on “SPIDER UPDATE!

  1. Ha! I totally feel your pain. I’m always concerned a lizard is going to get inside and lay eggs all over the place and then I’ll be working along one day and millions of lizards are going to be all over my carpet. Ah, the fears we have.

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