New TV: Tuesday

House (7:00pm CST, FOX)

Oh, this is SUCH a fantastic show! I mean, sure it has flaws – Chase and Cameron are still there but barely (and I miss them!); 13 (oh, 13, you make me cry!), Kutner, and Taub are his new team, but they don’t get to be in the opening credits; they made Cameron dye her hair so that she wouldn’t look so much like 13 and Cameron is an…unfortunate blonde; Cuddy’s pregnancy attempts seem to have just been swept under the rug (unless I missed something – anybody?); and the diagnoses do follow a pattern – but it’s the characters that are so amazing!

They’re dealing with the strain on the House/Wilson relationship following Amber’s death (I miss Cutthroat Bitch – we had the same name and she was super-tall, too) which is making Wilson actually realise and deal with their dysfunctional friendship. 13 is dealing with issues of her own. And rumor has it there will be developments between House and Cuddy – yay!

But mostly Hugh Laurie is just awesome.

My rating: Do you even have to ask? 😉

And now back to Smallville (if I can watch 11 episodes by Thursday, I can watch it as it airs!)…