New TV: Thursday

Smallville (7:00pm CST, The CW)

Well, it meant watching 20 episodes in 3 days, but I made it! I finally got to see an episode of Smallville…ON TV! It was very exciting. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go because apparently Lana is only going to be in a few episodes this season as a guest star and I don’t know if Lex is coming back at all.

Which leaves Clark, Chloe (thank goodness!), and Lois with a new crew of baddies and goodies. Oliver (the Green Arrow – doesn’t that hood cut down on his peripheral vision?) has finally graduated to the opening credits and the new Lex is someone named Tess Mercer (which EW tells me is an homage to two other Superman villains). So it looks like the…Justice League (I’m not super-up on the mythology here, so I may be getting it wrong – also, so far it’s just Green Arrow and Swimmy Guy, I don’t know if Fast Kid and Cyborg Dude will be showing up later – unless Black Canary counts – is she in the Justice League?) will be more prominent and maybe now that Lana’s out of the picture (which I’m sad about, I always liked her with Clark), they’ll get around to ramping up the chemistry between Clark and Lois.

It looks like Clark is heading to Metropolis for the season – I’m going to miss the Kent farmhouse, but it’s just not the same without Lex, Lana, Martha, and Jonathan, so maybe it’s the right choice. Chloe and her Brainiac powers still live above the Talon and Tess is ensconced in the Luthor mansion, so that’ll give them an excuse to visit Smallville, at least.

Oh, no, you didn’t, Jimmy! I never liked you and now I have a SERIOUSLY GOOD REASON NOT TO. You do NOT treat Chloe like–oh. PSYCH! Never mind. I still don’t really like him, but I’m back to wondering why…

But I think this is the last one I get to actually watch – it conflicts with NBC’s Thursday Comedy Night Done Right which, I’m sorry, cannot be missed, which means that from now on, for me, Smallville airs on Fridays.

My rating: Super-good!


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