September Daring Bakers Challenge!

I left this to the very last minute, but I made it! This was a nice change from the cakes and pastries (not that I don’t love cakes and pastries). And it was an extra bit of a challenge because we were all baking vegan this month! And it was a savory recipe!! Or it was until I saw that someone had covered theirs with sugar and cinnamon instead of savory spices.

It was very easy to put together – only bowls and spoons – no mixers this time which means easy clean-up. And it was very tasty! I’m not usually a big fan of crunchy dessert things, but because these have more of a cracker texture than, say, a shortbread, I think that made the difference.

My dipping sauce is Strawberry Balsamic Buttercream. I still had the strawberry balsamic syrup from the cupcake attempts and was desperate to use it up (I may be making some more cupcakes soon if I can’t think of anything else!), so I used the raspberry buttercream recipe from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World and just substituted my strawberry balsamic syrup for the raspberry syrup.