New TV: Thursday

Kath & Kim (7:30 CST, NBC)

I went into this fully prepared to hate it, to consider it merely a way of wasting the half-hour between My Name Is Earl and The Office. I’d seen a couple episodes of the original on the plane to Australia a couple of years ago and didn’t really get it (even though you gotta love any show Kylie was a guest on, right?), plus it definitely annoys me that we can’t have any original television in this country. *cough*Life on Mars*cough* What do we pay those writers who went on strike for? I guess what annoys me most is that the majority of the imported shows are nowhere near as good as their original counterparts (The Office is really the only exception I can think of at the moment). Plus, even though I want to like Molly Shannon, she usually ends up just making me uncomfortable.

But I didn’t hate it. I’m not going to commit and say that I actually liked it, but Molly Shannon and Selma Blair were likable enough that I didn’t actively want to gouge out my eyes.

My rating: I’ll give it a chance as long as it lasts – which I don’t honestly expect will be very long.

One thought on “New TV: Thursday

  1. Anne!
    This is one show that will never translate to any other production. Full stop. Australian humour is… unique… We have a particular way to making fun of ourselves that isn’t condescending or horrible, just funny, if that makes sense? We call it “taking the piss”. And I do think that not many other countries actually get the humour of the original, and it’s far too difficult to reproduce. Sure it’s hugely popular in Australia, with cameo roles from a long list of famous people, and it’s blindingly hilarious, but some good things are better left as they are. If you don’t get it the original, let it go. It’s just not for you, America!

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