Equity on the Midwestern front!

I am now a homeowner. I know, right?! Me?! A HOMEOWNER?! OH MY GOD, WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?!?!?!

…Um, sorry, I’m still a little bit terrified of it all, even though I know it was the right decision. It still needs a bit of work before I’ll be entirely pleased with it – I mean, it’s perfectly livable as it is, but I have high and particular standards (and very little money – the credit card will be hit hard in the near future, I think) of what I consider to be acceptable interior design.

It’s a one-bedroom apartment in an older building which was built in the late 30s/early 40s. Would you like to see pictures of it as is?

The bedroom (it’s been so long since I’ve had a bedroom!)

The bathroom

The living room

The kitchen


…A GARAGE! I AM DONE SCRAPING MY CAR IN WINTER! But it is detached which means a bit of a hike with groceries, but still…A GARAGE! Look how happy my little car is in his new house.

The To-Do List

  1. Carpets are coming up! Done! There’s lovely 70-year old parquet wood floors there – they need a little bit of love, but soon they’ll be beautiful again!
  2. Ceiling fans are coming down! The ceilings are a teensy bit lower than I’m used to and the two ceiling fans add an Indiana Jones element to walking around that I’m not really into.
  3. The giant venetian blinds are coming off! I just don’t like them. Drapes are much nicer.
  4. …Everything else – new paint, new kitchen floor, new light fixtures, a fridge (I long for this one – anybody have $2,000 they don’t need?), new cabinetry, etc.

But you may have noticed the new category that this post falls under and that is due to the condo association. There are SO MANY RULES! And I like rules as much as the next person, but many of these are the condescending sort of rules which annoy me. And mostly it is the single cat rule that is the most annoying. No, I’m not getting rid of one of my cats – I would sell the place on again before I did that – the board know I have them and they agreed to let me live there anyway, but they did say that I should just not “flaunt my two cats” (what does that even mean?!) and implied that there were people who would gleefully turn me in. But they’re indoor cats – the only time anyone will ever see them is if they are in their carriers and there is a fire alarm.

My plan is to get myself a black beret and style myself as La Resistance! Vive La Resistance! Deux chats pour tout!


One thought on “Equity on the Midwestern front!

  1. I turn my back for one second and Anne becomes a homeowner! Many congratulations! Keep us posted, esp. new pics of the uncarpeted floors please. And I just love the idea of flaunting your two cats! Cat-flaunting! A new pasttime!

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