Quantum of Solace (and Casino Royale)

I had never seen a Bond movie before this Friday when I watched Casino Royale (okay, full disclosure – I did actually see Goldeneye, but I saw it on a plane and I couldn’t actually see the screen from my seat, so I ended up watching it in the reflection of the window of the row in front of me and I don’t think that actually counts), but something about the trailer for Quantum of Solace, really got me – when Daniel Craig is walking up over the dune with the gun and the Bond theme blaring behind him –  and I really wanted to see it.

So first I watched Casino Royale. And I really, really liked it! I don’t know what all the fuss was about when Daniel Craig was cast as the new Bond – I think he’s fantastic. I finally see the appeal in Bond. And Eva Green was great (but super-skinny – someone give the poor girl a sandwich!) and Judi Dench is supremely awesome! I mean, how could she not be?! But it was a little incomprehensible toward the end – I think I must have lost track of who was working with who and what everybody was after (though I asked Faux-Stompy, with whom I went to see Quantum of Solace, and he said he had been meaning to ask me if I understood it, so maybe it wasn’t just me…). I didn’t care, though – it was action-packed and there were bad guys and mostly it was all just down to Daniel Craig and his awesomeness.

So last night I saw Quantum of Solace and I think I liked Casino Royale better. Quantum is a direct sequel, so if you haven’t seen Casino Royale, it won’t make any sense (not that it really made much as it was, though). I missed Eva Green and wasn’t super-enthused about his new Bond girl, but it was still a fun, mindless romp.

My rating: I’m definitely going to check out at least a Sean Connery Bond movie now!


One thought on “Quantum of Solace (and Casino Royale)

  1. What?! You have missed tons of fun movies. You need to have a Bond=a-thon movie night!
    THanks for not giving away the plot of the movie. I plan on seeing this one this week!

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