Ira Glass and This American Life

A friend from choir invited me to go with her to U of I Springfield to see Ira Glass of This American Life on NPR give a talk. I…don’t know anything about Ira Glass or This American Life or really NPR, for that matter, but I know they’re things that I should know about. And according to Wikipedia, both Sarah Vowell and David Sedaris have been contributors in the past and I like both of them, so I went.

And it was really interesting. Being that he’s on the radio, I wasn’t really sure how it would go, but he had a small control desk on the stage and he would talk and then play clips from the show to demonstrate a point he was making. Mostly the theme of his talk was about story and its structure, mostly in the broadcast journalism, but also just in general which was very cool.

I’ll have to tune into the show and see if I like it – or see if he’s written a book because I think I’d like to hear or read more of what he has to say…


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