So, I’ve always known that my main weak spot when it came to my baking projects was my decorating skills. After my boring yule log and this disaster, I think it’s time to stop putting off the inevitable and sign myself up for a cake decorating class.

My dad put together a little paper model of the Sydney opera house that he found here (lots of other cool models there, too!). Using that, we made little templates for the pieces which I used to bake them. For the curved pieces, I placed the hot-from-the-oven cookies on a baking form (of some kind) that my mom had to get them to curve. Unfortunately, this also meant I could only do two at a time, so it was a bit time-consuming…

Then it was time to construct:

That wasn’t too much of a problem – my constructing skills are far superior to my decorating skills. This lack of skills led to this:

But now that I know how to do curves and provided I get my ass in gear and actually do take those cake decorating classes, I’m thinking next year…


or even

(and a parenthetical photograph – while I was searching for a photo of a VW Beetle, I found what is perhaps the most awesome thing EVAR – I WILL have one when I get married:

A Beetle limo?! Pure awesome, my friends.)

3 thoughts on “Meh.

  1. Anne.
    Awesome. And that’s from an Aussie!!
    Did you know that the guy who designed the Opera House died in 2008?
    I’m impressed. Very impressed. (oh and I remember you saying that last year you thought of colouring your mortar icing so it was the same as the ginger bread pieces, and would hide your less than perfect icing – i thought that was a good idea…)

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