My ‘garden’ such as it is…

I do miss having my garden – not that they wouldn’t be spending the winter at my parents’ house anyway, but it’s sort of sad knowing that they won’t be coming back – there’s just nowhere to put them here! But I was visiting them over the holidays and have pictures for you!

The lemon tree, sporting what may very well be the world’s largest Meyer lemon.

Seriously, that’s HUGE! And it’s taken months and months to get to that point. I think the plant is concentrating all of its energy on that one lemon because there are about four others that are still very small and green and have been since the summer. Bizarre!

And the avocado.

Now that it’s no longer outdoors, it seems to be thriving – it’s got two new big (scary) leaves and they’re looking very healthy and suspicious – no brown spots on the new ones!


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