New TV: Sunday

The United States of Tara (9:00 CST, Showtime)

We have hit the winter TV doldrums – Chuck won’t be back until February, everyone else is in reruns, American Idol will be starting soon, House is moving to Mondays (as if my Monday’s aren’t busy enough, though did I mention that CHUCK WON’T BE BACK UNTIL FEBRUARY?!?!?) leaving my Tuesdays empty (until Scrubs starts up on ABC on the 6th!), and Heroes has yet to be NOT TERRIBLE.


This looks to be a pretty good show – I’ve only seen one episode (which is actually a pre-air version since it premieres on January 18th), but it has Toni Collette who is always great and John Corbett who is always great, too. I’ve read that fans of Weeds will probably like it, too – it walks that same line of comedy and drama. I’m interested to see how well the premise will support an episodic show, but I’m definitely willing to give it a chance.

And just in case you don’t get Showtime (which I don’t), I’m feeling generous, so here. Check it out for yourselves!

My rating: I’m definitely on board, enthusiastically, at least for now.


One thought on “New TV: Sunday

  1. i watched the first episode on netflix and i really love toni collette, but i’m not sure about this one. some of the stuff was kinda funny. still want to see the “housewife” personality though. 🙂

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