What we learned today…

…and yesterday, if I’m honest. Claire, Karla, and I went into the city and went to the Museo Coracol (I think – it’s whatever the Spanish word for ‘snail’ is) and to the castillo there (again, I’m blanking on the name). Mostly we learned a lot about Mexico’s history, but I also learned that my reading Spanish is actually not too shabby – my speaking Spanish is still abominable. Then we went to the Museum of Anthropology and learned a bit more.

This morning Karla’s father drove Claire and me into the city (Karla had to head home to Puebla last night) where we got on a hop-on, hop-off bus tour and spent the next couple of hours (the traffic here is actually unbelievable!) riding around seeing all the sights.

We stopped at the Zocalo (sp?) and saw the cathedral and the one of the huge flags, saw murals by Diego Rivera, had lunch at a super-yummy vegetarian restaurant we stumbled across, and managed to navigate the subway back to Karla’s parents’ home all by ourselves!

Now we are on a bus to Puebla to Karla’s house. I’ll leave you with a photo of Claire, Karla, and me outside the museum and one of Claire and me in the Zocalo. Please excuse the quality of the pics – it is extraordinarily difficult to take a self-portrait with an iPhone!

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