Drink my tea, it’s beautiful!

Claire and I are exhausted after a lot more walking around today and are currently watching Mexican television. Trashy Mexican television, to be specific, that we don’t understand, so we’re making up our own dialogue, hence this post’s title.

Today we went to Puebla, a larger town near Cholula, and took the hop-on, stay-on bus tour there. We learned a very sad story about how the two mountains nearby were formed:

A girl was in love with a brave warrior and when he left to go into battle, she promised to be true to him. Soon news came that he had been killed in battle and she died of a broken heart. Unfortunately the news wasn’t true. When he returned and saw that she was dead, he gathered her in his arms and they disappeared. Over night, two mountains appeared, one in the shape of a sleeping woman and one in the shape of a kneeling man, keeping watch over her.

I think it’s the warrior that’s the volcano which overlooks the area – it last erupted in 1999, but Karla says that it’s only the ash that reaches them, not the lava – it’s smoking at the moment as you can kind of see from the picture below (it looks like a cloud near the top, but it’s smoke).

After the tour, Claire and I went to two museums one of which was the Museo Amparo which was really nice and interesting, too, and then to a couple of churches.

Tomorrow evening we head off to Acapulco via Taxco!


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