And never the twain shall meet…

…except they totally did. Today two parts of my life that are very special to me were introduced to one another: Edward the iPhone and the Rosetta stone.

After a bit of a lie-in this morning (Claire and I had been awake for 33 hours by the time we went to sleep last night), we headed off to Covent Garden (after getting a bit lost on the way from Leicester Square – I have never been able to do that; it always takes me a couple of loops around Charing Cross Road before I figure it out) to the transport museum so I could stop off in the book shop for some research (though I would recommend it – it’s a very cool museum covering a lot of the art and design aspects of London transport as well as it’s evolution).

After a quick stop at Marks & Sparks to buy socks and the best red belt ever (to hold up my skinny jeans – why did no one tell me how awesome belts are?! Because they are awesome!), we walked to the British museum because I had to say hello to the Rosetta stone and then to wander through a few of the galleries that we hasn’t seen before. British museums will seriously spoil you for any other museums. I mean, for one thing, museums in the States are hardly ever free, so I’m always like ‘Really? You want me to pay you how much to see that? Because I can just go see the ROSETTA STONE for free.’ And besides, they have all the history, anyway. Can you name a museum where you can get lost and end up spending three hours looking at porcelein figures? Because I can (V&A).

But I hate that they moved the King’s Library. Parts of it are still there, as you’ll see below, but it’s just not the same, especially since they moved it into the atrocity that is the British Library in the horribleness that is St. Pancras (you’ll see that tomorrow, I hope).

We did a bit more window shopping along Oxford Street on the way to meet a friend of Claire’s for dinner (the HMV employee I asked for recommendations of local bands couldn’t think of any [?!] – which is fine, I know it’s hard to be put on the spot like that – it’s mostly the incredulous looks that I get [when there are actually staff to ask] that annoy me – hoping to find an independent shop in Camden tomorrow [though the guy at the Virgin by the Strand did a great job]). We had super-yummy Indian food which I had actually never had before (apart from the odd curry, of course).