WordPress ate my post…

…so I’ll have to recreate yesterday AND today!


I’m afraid I don’t have any pictures from today – it’s been exceedingly rainy and cold and just generally depressing and I couldn’t be bothered digging out Edward to get any photos.

We went to the Imperial War Museum today to see their exhibit on the Blitz which was very interesting, but we were besieged by schoolchildren and made our exit after a quick detour through their bookshop.

Then we headed off across town to the abomination that is the British Library. It’s really nice on the inside, but it really is quite the eyesore! Never judge a book by its cover, I suppose… We saw the treasures of the British Library which included Beowulf, loads of manuscripts by Jane Austen and a miscellany of Brontes, Handel scores, the Lindisfarne Gospels, a handful of Shakespeare paraphernalia, and one of the copies of the Magna Carta. Then we went and learned a bit about book conservation (book conservator for the British Library = best job evar!).

We had planned to walk around Camden on our way back to Pax, but the rain was fairly oppressive, so we cut that short and went back instead. We also made the perhaps foolhardy decision to walk up the hill for savoury crepes for dinner which were tasty, but we got fairly soaked.

This morning we picked up our hire car and waved goodbye to Heather and Pax Lodge (see picture) and headed off for Portsmouth. We made it after only getting lost twice and spent the rest of the evening eating chips (proper chip shop chips – yum!) and catching up with Claire’s friend, Becky. Off to explore Portsmouth tomorrow!

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