Please mind your head!

Today (actually the day before the day before yesterday now because WordPress has not been cooperating) we took the ferry into Portsmouth from Gosport to see all the historical ships docked there.

First up was the Mary Rose which was a Tudor warship that was sunk in…well, I don’t remember exactly, but, at any rate, it sat at the bottom of the bay around here for four hundred years or so until it was discovered and raised in the 1980s. Apparently the half that sank into the silt was very well preserved and and that’s what they painstakingly dug out in the 80s. A lot of artifacts from the sailors were also preserved – including English long bows and a long-lost musical instrument (some kind of shawn) – so it’s provided lots of information about Tudor life in general as well as onboard a ship.

Then we had a tour of the HMS Victory which was Admiral Nelson’s ship until he was killed at Trafalgar. I was definitely not made for a sailor’s life, being far too tall to fit belowdecks. Claire, however, has decided to run away and join the navy (see picture).

Then we went to dinner and guess what we stumbled across! See picture!


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