Rawr! WordPress!

The WordPress app on Edward is being extraordinarily uncooperative, so I’ve no idea when I’ll actually get this posted (right now it’s Thursday, February 12), but I thought I’d go ahead and tell you about today now, just in case…

Today was mostly a travel day. Claire, Stephen the Hire Car, and I left Portsmouth this morning to meet some family friends of hers on our way to Hay-on-Wye (in Tetbury for lunch at the awesomely named Snooty Fox). My navigation skills were in fine form and we managed to arrive without getting lost. Huzzah!

Let me just say now that navigating in the UK is an entirely different game to navigating in the States. Things are on such a smaller scale here and road signs and exits and turns come at you much more quickly. In the States, navigating basically goes like this:

Navigator: Okay, we’re on this road for three days and then we make a right.

Driver: *drives*

In the UK, it’s more like:

Navigator: Okay, the next road we’re looking for is the–

Driver: That was junction 12, did we want junction 12?

Navigator: Let me just find that on the–

Driver: Were we supposed to turn there? The sign said we were supposed to turn there.

Navigator: What town was it? Was it–?

Driver: Do we want to go left? I think that goes back to where we were, but I thought I saw a sign…

Navigator: Wait, can we just turn around so we can get our bearings?

Russian customs official: Passports, please.

Thankfully, Claire and I did not end up in Russia, but we’re not done with all our driving yet… We did, however, end up in Hay-on-Wye and, after some slight wandering through perhaps the worst sign-posted town in Wales, at our B&B. All the shops were closed so we had a nice dinner to gather our strength for tomorrow!

One thought on “Rawr! WordPress!

  1. Very funny! That first is actually what it’s like to drive between our home in California and our “real” home in Chicago — drive 3 days and then a turn.

    It sounds like bookshop heaven. I’m so glad you’re having a great trip!

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