Rats that sound like ducks!

This morning Gillian led us to drop off the car and then into the Royal Mile (their flat is very conveniently located – only about a 15 minute walk!). We headed to Mary King’s Close to do the tour of the underground Edinburgh – they choppped off the tops of the houses on four closes (very steep and narrow side streets) and built the Royal Market over it, leaving the closes’ residents to live in complete darkness. Apparently, it’s a very popular attraction and we had to book onto a tour for late afternoon.

In the meantime we went to the Camera Obscura where we harnessed the power of electricity (see picture – that’s one of three crackle balls in the world) and then saw the panorama of Edinburgh from the camera obscura.

We passed the time before our Mary King’s Close by stopping into the National Library and then the National Museum of Scotland for a bit. And then it was time for our underground tour!

Our guide was very funny (a dry sense of humor is always appreciated) and the tour was very interesting. And now we’re back at Nat and Gillian’s finishing our healthy, well-balanced meal of chips and cheese before we head out for a few drinks.


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