A tour of things I miss in the UK

Nearly all of these are foods (Natalie has pointed out that most people don’t really come to the UK for the food…but I do!), but, in no particular order, here they are:

1. Wine Gums – No, I can’t tell you what’s so great about them, but I love them. In fact, as we speak, there are 20 rolls of them tucked safely into my wellies!

2. Crepes from Le Creperie de Hampstead – Seriously the best crepes outside of, or in, France.

3. Cider and black – Best drink ever. Cider with blackcurrant cordial. A bit studenty, but fantastic! And why there is a bottle of Ribena tucked into the Wine Gum-free boot.

4. Socks from Marks & Spencer – great socks. Full stop.

5. Scones with jam and clotted cream (but mostly the CLOTTED CREAM!) – I don’t know why we don’t get this in the States. We are totally missing out.

6. Chips with cheese – Proper chip-shop chips with salt and vinegar and cheese. Nothing better in the world.

7. Desserts with custard – It’s a different custard to what we call custard in the States. The nearest thing I can think of is that it’s like a slightly thinner vanilla pudding that’s served warm and poured over a dessert. Any kind really, but the best to have it with is sticky toffee pudding. Haven’t managed to have it yet, but I’ve also got a package of Bird’s custard powder tucked into my suitcase (hopefully all my food will make it through US customs with me) so I can make my own when I get home.


2 thoughts on “A tour of things I miss in the UK

  1. Crepes from Le Creperie de Hampstead – I SERIOUSLY WANT ONE LIKE NOW… RIGHT NOW!! They are so good, so jealous, wish Claire could have brought one back for me. But something tells me it wouldn’t taste the same… haha :))

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