Back to being responsible adults!

This morning, after a brief stop at Sainsbury’s to stock up on provisions (e.g., wine gums, Ribena, and custard powder), we went to see Holyrood House. It was very pretty – the weather is also very nice today (we’d forgotten what the sun looked like!) – and the tour was very interesting.

But now…now is packing time. Which has actually gone worryingly well – I’m very concerned I’ve forgotten something important.

So tomorrow we’re up super-super-early to get the train down to Heathrow and then we’re off on our separate ways – me back to Illinois and back to work and Claire on to Capetown and shark diving.

It’s been great fun and I’m sad to be off home, but it’ll be very nice to see friends, family, cats, and my apartment that is in shambles!

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