The World According to Clarkson, Vol. 3: For Crying Out Loud by Jeremy Clarkson

I love Top Gear. I love Jeremy Clarkson and I love Richard ‘Hamster’ Hammond and I love James May. In fact, I would go so far as to say that I love them in a hobbit-y fashion. Yes, you heard me, Claire. Don’t make me say it again. While waiting for my flight at Heathrow to come home from my recent holiday, I made the mistake of foolishly wandering into the Borders store in their waiting lounge area looking for a copy of the Stephen Fry in America book. Alas, they didn’t have it, but to comfort myself, I left with three other books, one of which was Jeremy Clarkson’s latest.

I was a little bit wary. I knew that I probably wouldn’t agree with everything that Clarkson had to say, but I knew I’d probably agree with the way he said it. And I was right. Many of his essays – they’re very short, I’d hardly call them essays, really (actually, this book is a collection of his articles written for The Sunday Times) are laugh out loud funny (particularly the ones about his daughter’s dog, the labradoodle), but even when he’s saying something that I’m not entirely sure I agree with, he’s at least saying it with a fairly logical argument to back it up and in an entirely witty fashion.

So, yes, I’d recommend it, just be aware that you might find yourself unwillingly nodding at much of what he has to say…

My rating: A-


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