I’m pretending it’s spring!

And it is tomorrow, but it wasn’t when I made this earlier this week. The one good thing about staying at my parents’ house is that they have Food Network (and Sci-Fi, but after tomorrow, that won’t matter!) which means that I am free to watch Ina at my leisure! Last Saturday, she made her primavera risotto (well, Food Network’s website calls it Spring Green Risotto, but I like Primava Risotto better…) and I thought ‘Yum!’ I also thought ‘Huh. I’ve never made risotto before. I ought to give that a try.’

So I did.

And it was very yummy. I don’t think it was as creamy as it was supposed to be, but I’m going to blame that on my mother’s bizarre two-burner stove (which defeated me a few days later when I attempted to make the lemon fusilli again and I desperately needed a third burner – curse you, two-burner stove!). And surprisingly easy! And quick!

So, yes. Very good.


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