Well, it’s not summer, but…

…I’m adding this to my ‘blockbuster’ tag anyway. I know it’s not tomorrow (when I said I’d be updating about the film), but I’m still at my parents’ house while the kitchen floor is being sorted out (soon!) and, seriously, I wish they had dial-up. So it’s taken me this long to post about it. I really liked it. So did my movie-going companion (and he hadn’t read the book). Now, of course, I had just finished the book the night before, so I can’t really group myself in with others who have ‘read the book’ (translation: people who have the book memorised and have been psyched to see and/or hate this movie since it was announced they were going to make it), but I will say that they did a good job of including the information that had to be included and alluding to things that make the book what it is, but aren’t necessary to move the plot forward.

There were quite a few shots that were exactly from the book which I thought was really cool. Rorschach is suitably awesome, the Silk Spectre is even cooler (i.e., more ass-kicking), and I thought the ending was actually better (made more sense, anyway). Somehow they managed to find someone who looked exactly like the Nite Owl (more like Nerd Owl – look, I was as sad about that as you were [and was secretly hoping they’d change that part of the ending], but you don’t see me screaming ‘Noooooo!’ in an overly dramatic fashion, now do you?) in the book. And so did Rorschach, for that matter. Almost creepily so (and speaking of creepy – I loved that they made the blots on his mask shift around)!

Also, the opening credits are outstanding – managing to cram a ton of backstory into a neat two minutes or so and is also a great use of a great song. I can’t find one to embed here, so go see for yourself!

And then read the book. And then go see the movie. Or whichever order appeals to you…

My rating: I think you’ll like it.

ETA: Looks like online clips of the opening credits sequence are being taken down left and right, so if the ones I’ve linked to are gone by the time you get here, give it a Google – I’m sure it’s still up somewhere. I mean, come on, it’s the internet for crying outloud…


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