When in doubt, add whipped cream…

I think this is the first recipe I’ve ever made from 101 Cookbooks – her ingredients are always very exotic and/or organic and very intimidating. But for some reason this one struck a chord with me even though I can’t really explain why. I guess it’s because I’ve never found a good scone recipe – I mean, there are plenty of good recipes for American scones, but I always find that they’re far too sandy. I’m looking for something that’s more somewhere between a biscuit (the American kind) and a piece of cake – sweet, and most, but with that sort of sturdy denseness that a biscuit has.

For an American scone, the maple syrup scone was perfectly good though I wished that he maple flavor had been more prominent – I really couldn’t taste it at all. And I don’t know if it was something I did – and I did have to add even more cream than she called for to get the dough to come together – but they were very crumbly and sandy. Though that’s easily solved by serving it with an immense amount of whipped cream. How can you go wrong?!


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