Help me make a decision!

So. I have decided that I want to learn an instrument. A stringed instrument. I was sat behind the double bass at the BACH concert last weekend and it was…AWESOME! So I really want to learn the double bass. But signs are pointing me toward the cello…quite strongly. So I decided to make pro/con lists – one for the cello and one for the double bass – and share them with you.

Cello Double Bass
Pro Con Pro Con
1. Costs $25/mo. to rent 1. Lots of people play it 1. Has an air of the absurd about it 1. Cannot be rented within a 30-mile radius
2. Sexy – like librarian sexy 2. Is snooty (don’t ask me why) 2. Carny chic (apparently) 2. Cannot take lessons within a 30-mile radius
3. Will fit in my car 3. Can play in orchestra 3. Will not fit in my car
4. Lessons are conveniently located near where I work 4. Fewer people play it so it will matter less if I suck 4. Can play in jazz combo
5. Can play in orchestra 5. Really just 1-4-5-1 5. Really just 1-4-5-1
6. Can play in string quartet 6. I will look slightly less ridiculously huge next to it
7. Lots of good solo music 7. I REALLY WANT TO!

So…fill out my poll and help me choose!


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