Tropical yumminess!

Even though it is well into March and is also technically spring, the weather here is being typical Illinois spring weather (i.e., it’s snowing today). So I thought I’d take a page from Smitten Kitchen‘s blog and make a tropical dessert to try and dispel the spring winter blues. Despite its use of a Controversial Ingredient, I decided to go with her Key Lime Coconut Cake. And it is definitely a good use of the CI. I don’t know if it’s because it’s toasted, eliminating its cuticle texture, or what, but it’s a very nice addition to the sweet tanginess of the lime – sort of sweet and toasty and crunchy. And I think it helps keep the cake very nice and moist, too, which is always a welcome side effect.

I had a couple of substitutions to make as there were no key limes to be had around here and I also did a combination of cream (which I had on hand for another recipe which should hopefully be making an appearance here later today) and 1% milk to try and make whole milk. And everything seemed to come together just fine! So, yes, definitely a success – yum!


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