Guess where I’ll be September 13th?!

I couldn’t get tickets for the Saturday show, even though I was at my computer at the very second the tickets went on sale – lame! But thank goodness, the lovely lads added a second show and I was able to get tickets for that this morning – at the very second the tickets went on sale! Yay!

I was particularly desperate to get tickets for this tour because rumor has it that…wait for it…MUSE ARE OPENING FOR THEM! I don’t know if this is true, but if it is, it will be AMAZING. And if not, it’ll still be amazing.

Is it September yet?

ETA: Oh, and look who’s wearing my shoes! The Edge, you are the best.

4 thoughts on “Guess where I’ll be September 13th?!


    Ok, granted, last time we saw U2, I was with Debby and we were RIGHT AT THE FRONT and you got stuck up the back of the GA section… but it’s still NO FAIR.

    I’m hoping they’ll tour to South Africa and I can go see them, or maybe Australia when I’m home over Christmas… but I don’t want to get my hopes up of them touring to a location near me…


    p.s. we did tell the edge that you wore the same shoes as him…

    • Oh, that’d be perfect if they came to SA – then you could both go! I had a hard time deciding what tickets I wanted – being in GA (even in the depths of it instead of the very front) was super-awesome, but it’s more stressful – my back really hurt by the end of it and you have to get there really early and stake out your territory. I ended up getting reserved seats – it won’t have the same energy, but at least I’ll be comfortable!

      p.s. – And I’m sure it made him feel much better to know that he’s a VIP member of my Converse Club. 😉

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