4 out of 5 voters say I should learn to play the bass so…

…I picked super-secret option C!

Bass guitar!

Acoustic/upright bass is still the end goal, but it is ridiculously unrealistic at this point (nowhere to rent one, nowhere to take a lesson, no way to get it in my car even if I could find one and find a place to take it to learn to play it), so I have a plan:

  1. Learn to play bass guitar.
  2. Join/start the Next Big Thing in pop/rock bands. I’m thinking the new U2. Or the new Radiohead. Either one is fine, really.
  3. Use my new millions of dollars as the sexy girl bassist in the Next Big Thing to buy an acoustic/upright bass AND a car to carry it around in.
  4. Learn to play the acoustic/upright bass.

Easy, right? Okay, well, I also have a secondary plan, just in case that one falls through:

  1. Learn to play bass guitar.
  2. Learn to play cello.
  3. Bass guitar + cello = acoustic/upright bass. Ta da!

Which means there is a new poll for you!

A lasagna winner!

I know it seems like all I’ve been doing lately is cooking or baking, but I think I’m starting to be kitchen deprived (progress is being made just…slowly) and am taking it out on my parents’ kitchen. But in the meantime, I’ve made a very lovely lasagna recipe! Lasagna is pretty standard fare, but this recipe, from Sunny Anderson, takes it in a slightly different direction – Latin Lasagna (obviously I left out the pork, though)!

Would you like to see a pretty, close-up, yummy photo? Yeah, you do.

So yes, a very nice twist on traditional lasagna – I particularly like the fresh tomato salsa instead of the canned, cooked tomato sauce and the mushrooms (I told my dad they were bacon so he’d stop complaining – I don’t think he believed me, but at least he ate it) with a hint of cayenne. And the spinach. But I really think it’s the fresh tomatoes that make the difference here. It did take me a full hour to get it all put together – a 30-minute meal, this is not – but it was easy and if my knife skills were better, it probably would have gone faster and didn’t feel like hard work or a long time.