4 out of 5 voters say I should learn to play the bass so…

…I picked super-secret option C!

Bass guitar!

Acoustic/upright bass is still the end goal, but it is ridiculously unrealistic at this point (nowhere to rent one, nowhere to take a lesson, no way to get it in my car even if I could find one and find a place to take it to learn to play it), so I have a plan:

  1. Learn to play bass guitar.
  2. Join/start the Next Big Thing in pop/rock bands. I’m thinking the new U2. Or the new Radiohead. Either one is fine, really.
  3. Use my new millions of dollars as the sexy girl bassist in the Next Big Thing to buy an acoustic/upright bass AND a car to carry it around in.
  4. Learn to play the acoustic/upright bass.

Easy, right? Okay, well, I also have a secondary plan, just in case that one falls through:

  1. Learn to play bass guitar.
  2. Learn to play cello.
  3. Bass guitar + cello = acoustic/upright bass. Ta da!

Which means there is a new poll for you!

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