The newest members of my household have arrived!

They were eagerly greeted at the door by Arthur and Josephine (and me, if I’m honest).

Do you know what it is yet? Of course you do!

Isn’t it pretty? It’s all shiny and candy apple red! Unfortunately, I neglected to also order a cord to connect the two of them together and a strap, so the most I can offer is another picture of Josephine welcoming the guitar so that she doesn’t become jealous of Arthur…

ETA: In my excitement to post about the new arrivals, I neglected to tell you anything else about them or my first lesson last Saturday! I think it went as well as a first lesson can go – mostly I think I managed to entirely confound my teacher when I told him I can already read bass clef:

Teacher: So are you interested in learning to read music?

Me: Oh, I can already read music – that’s no problem.

Teacher (slightly confused): Oh. So apart from voice, do you play any musical instruments?

Me: Well, flute and a little bit of violin when I was only tiny.

Teacher: So…how do you know bass clef?

Me (forgetting I have a minor in music): I don’t know – I guess they taught us when they taught us treble clef.

Teacher: Okay, here. Read out the notes for this song (imagine the most basic song you’d find in a beginner’s bass book).

Me: *Reads*

Teacher (entirely confused): Oh. I guess you do know how to read bass clef.

Me (thinking): Why would I lie about something like that?!

But other than that, it went fairly well. I had borrowed a guitar from the Music Shoppe because I wanted to chat with my teacher before I committed to buying or renting something. And I ended up with the very pretty (but super-cheap [since the end goal involves an upright bass, which is expensive to begin with, and whose price also includes a new car, I figured I should save my money on this end of things] and probably pretty crappy) guitar that you see above!

It’s fretless since that’s more similar to the upright bass, but it does make it harder to learn (no harder than learning upright bass, but harder than learning a regular fretted guitar). Especially since this one doesn’t even have fret lines on it like a lot of the other ones I looked at did. But that’s okay – I’ll put in the extra time now and then there will be less upheaval when I finally get my proper bass. Yay!


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