A tasty combination!

So, the other day I decided I wanted to make an apple pie. My mom makes super-good apple pie and, though I’ve helped her make it, I’ve never done one on my own. The last two-crust pie I’d made was nothing less than a disaster, so I was a bit nervous about how this would turn out. I also decided that I wanted to try one of those ones with cheese in the crust (if it’s good enough for Pushing Daisies, it’s good enough for me!) – and I’m more of a fan of those pies whose ratio of pastry to fruit content is high, so I was looking for a recipe to satisfy both of those requirements.

This one did, and, though I don’t think I’ve stumbled upon my ultimate of apple pie recipes, it is still very tasty and my success has inspired me to keep trying other recipes.

I did sustain a fairly painful injury while making this pie – I managed to cut myself on the blade of my food processor. They’re not lying when they say that those things are sharp! So there were a few frantic moments of ‘Don’t bleed on the dough! Did I bleed on the dough?!’ (I don’t think I did, but just to be safe, I plan on keeping this pie to myself.) So…be careful with your food processors, everybody – they’re just waiting for you to become complacent and then they strike!

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