Ask and you shall receive!

In the last post about my kitchen, Claire asked to see my floor and who am I to deny a faithful reader!

I don’t remember if I’ve told everybody about the troubles we went through with this floor. It’s actually black granite and white marble. Now, I did not set out to have the most luxurious kitchen floor per square foot of apartment space, it is just that it’s actually impossible to find foot-by-foot square black and white tiles, made out of  any substance, that do not have a texture or pattern or some other abomination to them.

So black granite and white marble it was!

My dad put the tiles (including a chipped one!) down soon after I got back from my trip and grouted them, using black grout to match the black tiles. Unfortunately, it turns out (and he did do his research before he started the project, but nothing he read warned about this) that marble is very porous and needs to be sealed before the grout is put on. I think you can see where this is going… Long story involving all sorts of salvage attempts that didn’t work short, he ended up having to hire a tile guy to come in, pull up the now-stained white tiles, seal the new white tiles, and then lay down the white tiles (using white grout this time).

So it set the entire kitchen project back about a month, but I think it was worth it in the end. The tiles are beautiful and shiny and I’m terrified that I’ll spill or drop something on it, but I love it!

And as you can see, so does Arthur who desperately wanted to be in the picture – I tried to get Josephine to be in the picture, but she was asleep in their house (tuckered out from hiding under the bed during the wind/thunderstorm last night).


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