IR Sci-fi/Fantasy

Skulduggery Pleasant: The Faceless Ones by Derek Landy

I think I mentioned a few book reviews back that I was anxiously awaiting the release of this book – in August. Well, I happened to stumble across information that lead me to believe that it had been released in late April in the UK. Lame! So I immediately hied myself over to good old and ordered myself a copy (leading me to have to force myself through Eon at a rather high pace).

It did not disappoint! This book really belongs to Valkyrie – I think it’s the first time that the narrative has really shifted from Skulduggery. Don’t get me wrong – he’s definitely there a satisfying amount (I would most certainly let you know if there was not enough Skulduggery in this one), but just something about the tone felt like Valkryie was in the forefront here.

There are so many characters to be reunited with – Tanith, China, Ghastly, Bliss, Solomon Wreath, and Guild – and such a long time since I’d read the last book that it took me a while to remember who they all were – and a few new characters – most notably Fletcher Renn – that I’ll have to remember next time around, but they’re all definitely worth the effort. Skulduggery is still the outstanding character (I mean, come on, he’s a 400 year old, animate skeleton with magical powers – how could he not be outstanding?!) – his normal charming, debonair, slightly violent self, but I think Valkryie is really coming into her own as well.

The humor is quite crackling, the action is exciting (though perhaps a degree more violent than the last), and the characters are fantastic. I really can’t recommend this series enough – thank goodness there are still six more books to come!

My rating: A

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