Summer blockbuster tally, part 2

I went to see Pixar’s new movie, Up, yesterday. I almost didn’t because I wasn’t really feeling in the mood for a movie, but at the last second I changed my mind because I wasn’t sure when I’d have time to go see it otherwise.

And I’m so glad I did go.

I really don’t now how Pixar do it – how do they write such amazing stories? How do they write such interesting and realistic characters? How do Pixar keep their writers? Because if I were the rest of Hollywood, I would be offering those writers HUGE salaries to come and write a worthwhile, thoughtful, funny, amazing movie for me!

The basic plot of the movie is fairly simple, Carl Frederickson (voiced by Lou Grant Ed Asner), having recently lost his wife, is the last hold out on his block, refusing to sell his house (and everything it stands for) to the faceless developers who want his property. So, attempting to fulfill a lifelong, but unattained, wish to go to South America with his wife, he ties thousands and thousands of balloons to his home and sets sail – along with an accidental stowaway in the form of Russell (small mailman!), a wilderness scout who is trying to get his Assisting the Elderly badge.

But the animation is beautiful and the plot/theme of the movie is actually much more complex than it seems at first. There are jokes and exciting chase scenes and dogs who sort of talk and are very funny (and menacing and sweet), but I would say that Pixar have gone and done it again – like The Incredibles, they’ve more made a film that had to be animated because to CGI it would have been to expensive than made an animated film. There’s just so much depth to everything – the characters, their actions, their motivations, their thoughts – that is usually so hard to find in the big summer blockbusters.

So, yes. Go see this. Don’t dismiss it as a cartoon or a kids’ movie. It’s not. Well, technically, I guess it is a cartoon, but you know what I mean.

I didn’t actually see it in 3D (I go to the movies for escapism – I have enough dimensions in my real life…and you have to pay extra for the glasses), so I’m not sure how that would affect your viewing pleasure, but I can honestly say that I enjoyed it immensely, even without the special effects trickery of an extra dimension.

Summer blockbuster tally = 2-0-0