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The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

Once again, I think I’m the last person with an interest in children’s books to actually read this (and the next one – I’m catching up!). I’ve come to it after it’s won all sorts of awards. But any time you read this book, it’ll be worth it.

For anyone who may not think they’re interested in what is, technically, a children’s book, this is the one that starts:

There was a hand in the dark, and it held a knife.

I know, right? Only Neil Gaiman could get away with something like that. Like Coraline, it is pretty creepy – the beginning in particular is very dark and, yes, I cried. But once Bod settles into life in the graveyard, things cheer up a bit and actually seem quite homey and nice.

It reads sort of like a fable – there’s a certain distance between the reader and the words, which works, and the pace is on the slow side (usually – there are a few slightly out-of-place action scenes), but it works.

My rating: B+

p.s. – It took me a very long time of staring at the cover to figure out what the picture was.

p.p.s. – I’ll be honest with you, though – I’m not sure I see the Newbery Medal award in here…


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