What to do with leftover strawberries?

After a second round of strawberry shortcake last week, I was left with about an extra pound of strawberries taking up space in my fridge. So, remembering that Smitten Kitchen had recently gone through a couple of strawberry recipes, I went trawling through her index to see what I could come up with and I found this recipe for a strawberry tart (there’s also a whole lemon tart recipe on the same post that sounds really good – maybe even with a few strawberries pureed in with it?)

I ended up using the shortbread crust recipe from last month’s Daring Baker’s challenge because the one Deb uses makes enough for three 9-inch tart crusts and, even though I know you can freeze them, that’s just not how I roll (I would have just downsized the recipe, but it calls for two eggs and if you know of a clever way to divide two eggs by three, please feel free to let me know).

It’s very nice – next time I think I’ll up the amount of strawberries, though. Or maybe do a variety of fruit – some kiwis and blueberries thrown in would probably be a nice addition. So hooray for summer berry season! (The market had some gorgeous-looking raspberries, so I may have to find a good use for them soon…)

One thought on “What to do with leftover strawberries?

  1. OMG – you HAVE to FEDEX me a piece of this NOW!! It looks SO YUMMY!!!! Please Anne, pretty please…. :)))) hahaha mmmmmm…

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