Food galore!

A friend of mine is moving to Ohio at the end of the month (her husband is going to be a professor there), so we decided to have one last food-and-TV (Battlestar Galactica this time) marathon before she leaves. Foodwise, I think we outdid ourselves.

She usually takes care of the savouries, so once we were done working our way through sweet potato fries with an avocado dip, hummus with pita chips, and the perennial favorite, cheesy bread, we were super-full and we still had my desserts to get through!

I made brioche (mini ones, courtesy of Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook) with a fig spread and goat cheese.

They were very cute and not as difficult as I was expecting to make. Just a heads up if you’re ever planning on making it, though, they have to rise for at least 10 hours in the fridge, so make sure you leave yourself enough time! I ended up having to use whole wheat pastry flour because that’s all I could find, but they still taste good to me. The fig spread was really easy to make and very yummy, too – sweet but not too sweet and a nice complement to the goat cheese.

Next up were cream buns from The Essential Baking Cookbook (a bargain book I picked up at Borders that’s obviously from a UK publisher). These were also pretty easy to make – I think I should have put more jam on them, but they were still very nice (even though I kept forgetting to put powdered sugar over the tops of them).

And, for the grand finale, I decided to try my hand at the Marbled Lemon-Blueberry Butter Cake from Sky High: Irresistible Triple-Layer Cakes.

I was really surprised with how easy the recipe was – it was pretty time-consuming (I started making it on Tuesday and froze the cakes until Saturday), but there wasn’t anything tricky or out of the ordinary about it.

As you can see, my marbling isn’t the most defined, but it still tasted very good – the lemon and the blueberry is a classic combination and the flavors really stand out in the cake. I wasn’t crazy about the frosting – a buttercream – it was just too buttery for me and I think I would have preferred something that was a little lighter, more like a cream cheese frosting maybe. Now that I’ve made one triple-layer cake and seen how easy it was, I think I’ll turn to that book more often when I need an impressive dessert. Or need to feed a lot of people. It says it yields approximately 20 servings and we only had three slivers of cake last night, so I’m sending it home with my parents. Hopefully they can find some people to give it to.

Looks like Arthur is willing to volunteer his services!


3 thoughts on “Food galore!

  1. OK, So I totally want to come and have a food-and-tv fest!

    All looks very impressive, and very yummy!

    Oh, and after that last photo, how could I resist wanting to meet Arthur??

    p.s. where are the photos of you eating all this food??

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