Summer blockbuster tally, part 4: I’m behind!

I actually saw this quite a few weeks ago, but couldn’t decide what to say about it. I liked it. I thought it was a really interesting film. I think Sam Rockwell did a great job. I just don’t have anything particularly witty or insightful to say about it. One review called it the best sci-fi movie of the summer and another called it the perfect antidote to Transformers 2. Not that I would know anything about that. Because I haven’t seen that movie. Not in a million years.

This one I just saw on Saturday. This movie is being called the must-see movie of the summer. I think this was a really well-done movie – the main actor does a really good job (and according to EW, had to do a lot of improvising) and it has a political layer to it that you don’t always expect from a summer blockbuster. But it’s kind of a downer. It’s definitely one of those films that I’m glad I saw, but I don’t ever need to see again. It’s a bit gross at times and fairly violent but I would still recommend it.

Summer blockbuster tally: 3-1-10

The best part of District 9 was that the trailer for 9 was playing for it – I can’t wait for September 9!


2 thoughts on “Summer blockbuster tally, part 4: I’m behind!

  1. Did you really think District 9 was good? Maybe I’m bias because I come from South Africa but I didn’t like it all. I thought it made SA look really bad… The story line was unoriginal, the acting was shocking and don’t even get me started the multitudes of stereotypes…

    • That’s so funny that we have such completely different reactions to it!

      Re: making SA look bad – I thought it just made the government/bureaucracy/faceless corporation look bad, not regular South Africans. I mean, the main guy and his wife were sympathetic – sure, he’s a bit of a tool, but every country has its fair share of those. Though maybe I’m just so used to Americans being made fun of or made to look bad… 😉

      Re: the acting – I don’t really have an argument here, but I know there was a lot of improvisation and I always find that impressive (because I really don’t think well on my feet!) – though I will admit that a lot of the “improvisational acting” probably consisted of screaming and yelling and fighting noises.

      Re: the storyline – To be fair, it’s a summer explosion movie, so judged by those standards *cough*Transformers 2*cough*, it’s basically Citizen Kane. Maybe not the most original storyline, but I just thought it was an interesting variation on the alien invasion trope.

      Sorry you didn’t like it, though – there’s been a distinct lack of really good summer movies this year. D:

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