Summer blockbuster tally, part 5

So, I’ll be honest, I basically wanted to see this movie because The Edge was in it. Sure, it sounded interesting – a discussion of the electric guitar between The Edge, Jimmy Page, and Jack White – but mostly, I went to see The Edge, who, if you know me at all, you know I love.

But I also left now harboring a huge crush on Jack White, in all his Southern Gothic glory.

And on Jimmy Page, who it turns out is basically the maestro, king, and grandfather of electric guitar.

The movie was fascinating – I didn’t want them to stop talking! It traced a little bit of their origins about how they got into music and the guitar, specifically, but also talked about how they approach the guitar and their music-making. Each of them have very different approaches to the guitar – the Edge is all about effects and how he can manipulate the sound of the guitar to match what he hears in his head; Jack White has gone back to the basics – the guitar he plays looks like it’s made out of cardboard – and, while interested in different sounds, is very much about stripping things back to its origins; and Jimmy Page is just amazing.

I don’t know how wide a release this film is getting, but if it’s playing anywhere near you, I would highly, highly recommend going to see it.

Summer blockbuster tally: 4-1-10

p.s. – Yes, the Edge wore our shoes. He’s so awesome (and still my favorite, despite Jack White’s undertaker chic suits)!

p.p.s. – The Edge also sort of made fun of himself a la Bill Bailey by showing the difference between how the riff from Elevation sounds and what he actually plays. He’s so great!

IR Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

I don’t actually have much to say about this book other than that Collins continues her run of awesomeness that is the Hunger Games trilogy (?) with the second installment. Catching Fire finds Katniss dealing with the ramifications not only of winning the Hunger Games, but of the way in which she won. By undermining the Capitol’s absolute authority, she has become the face of the growing revolution, so now she has a hostile government to deal with along with trying to sort out her love triangle.

Since this is the second book, it ends with even more open-ended storylines, making the wait for the conclusion seem interminable. I can’t wait to see how everything ends!

My rating: A-

In which I explain my recent absence…

So…there have been more than what I feel is my fair share of spiders in my apartment lately. I haven’t been happy about it, but I’ve managed to kill them (I won’t say calmly, but at least with a limited amount of shrieking on my part) and go on my paranoid merry way.

But then there was one in my bedroom that got away – it was on the ceiling which is always an awkward shot and bigger than the others and started to run as I was setting up my shot. I panicked, threw the Flip Flop of Fury, managed to hit him, but instead of being squished, he fell and I lost track of him. I called my dad to ask about spider bombs and, while I was on the phone, ANOTHER SPIDER APPEARED on the ceiling.

It was the last straw and despite it being after 10:00, I panicked, packed up the cats and basic supplies and fled to my parents’ house, planning on setting off a spider bomb the next day.

And promptly came down with the flu. Like full-on, 103-degree fever for six days, emergency-room visiting flu.

So the spider bomb didn’t get set off until last Wednesday. I’m back now and, except for a spider on Saturday night, so far things have been all clear. There is a GIANT spider living outside my bedroom window who makes me nervous, but since he is in his house (i.e., outside), I can’t do anything about him. Not that I want him to come into my house where I could do something about him because he is seriously that big.