In which I explain my recent absence…

So…there have been more than what I feel is my fair share of spiders in my apartment lately. I haven’t been happy about it, but I’ve managed to kill them (I won’t say calmly, but at least with a limited amount of shrieking on my part) and go on my paranoid merry way.

But then there was one in my bedroom that got away – it was on the ceiling which is always an awkward shot and bigger than the others and started to run as I was setting up my shot. I panicked, threw the Flip Flop of Fury, managed to hit him, but instead of being squished, he fell and I lost track of him. I called my dad to ask about spider bombs and, while I was on the phone, ANOTHER SPIDER APPEARED on the ceiling.

It was the last straw and despite it being after 10:00, I panicked, packed up the cats and basic supplies and fled to my parents’ house, planning on setting off a spider bomb the next day.

And promptly came down with the flu. Like full-on, 103-degree fever for six days, emergency-room visiting flu.

So the spider bomb didn’t get set off until last Wednesday. I’m back now and, except for a spider on Saturday night, so far things have been all clear. There is a GIANT spider living outside my bedroom window who makes me nervous, but since he is in his house (i.e., outside), I can’t do anything about him. Not that I want him to come into my house where I could do something about him because he is seriously that big.

2 thoughts on “In which I explain my recent absence…

  1. This comment is a little late, I guess, but I hope the spider bomb (and I was not aware that such a thing existed before — good to know) has solved your problem! I was irrationally afraid that the new apartment would be infested with spiders, and I did notice cobwebs in a couple of corners, but no actual spiders…YET. Whew.

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