Summer blockbuster tally, part 5

So, I’ll be honest, I basically wanted to see this movie because The Edge was in it. Sure, it sounded interesting – a discussion of the electric guitar between The Edge, Jimmy Page, and Jack White – but mostly, I went to see The Edge, who, if you know me at all, you know I love.

But I also left now harboring a huge crush on Jack White, in all his Southern Gothic glory.

And on Jimmy Page, who it turns out is basically the maestro, king, and grandfather of electric guitar.

The movie was fascinating – I didn’t want them to stop talking! It traced a little bit of their origins about how they got into music and the guitar, specifically, but also talked about how they approach the guitar and their music-making. Each of them have very different approaches to the guitar – the Edge is all about effects and how he can manipulate the sound of the guitar to match what he hears in his head; Jack White has gone back to the basics – the guitar he plays looks like it’s made out of cardboard – and, while interested in different sounds, is very much about stripping things back to its origins; and Jimmy Page is just amazing.

I don’t know how wide a release this film is getting, but if it’s playing anywhere near you, I would highly, highly recommend going to see it.

Summer blockbuster tally: 4-1-10

p.s. – Yes, the Edge wore our shoes. He’s so awesome (and still my favorite, despite Jack White’s undertaker chic suits)!

p.p.s. – The Edge also sort of made fun of himself a la Bill Bailey by showing the difference between how the riff from Elevation sounds and what he actually plays. He’s so great!


9 thoughts on “Summer blockbuster tally, part 5

  1. U2. In Sydney.

    Possibly the greatest night ever.

    There’s a silence between songs, and over the screaming crowd, debby and claire yell : “the edge, anne where’s the same shoes as you!!!”.

    Ah, good times.

  2. Oh God, I just made a horrible error! Where’s instead of wears!! Is the world going to end?? Surely bad grammar from me is just before the 4 horsemen of the apocolyse?

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