Still more food!

I’ve been on a roll lately! I decided I was going to make the Baked Eggplant Parmesan from Ezra Pound Cake this evening and, even though I halved the recipe to begin with (and it’s a good thing I did – the recipe as is says it serves 6 to 8, but I still got 6 servings out of it), I quickly realised I was going to have far too much for just myself to eat. So I called up my parents and invited them over for dinner.

The recipe was pretty time-intesive, but not very difficult. I think there might be an error in the ingredients for the sauce – the sauce ingredients list 2 cans of diced tomatoes, but the instructions seem to call for 3, and, based on the amount of sauce I ended up with (I had to augment it with some store-bought sauce that I happened to have in the fridge), I think the 3 cans is probably the correct amount.

Also, keep an eye on the garic when it’s cooking up with in the oil – I swear I turned my back for just a second to grab the tomatoes and when I turned around again, it was burnt and black! So I threw it away and started again.

But in the end, it worked out and was very tasty, too!

Summer blockbuster tally, part 6

Well, I don’t know if my expectations were too high due to its awesome trailer or what, but I have to say that I was kind of disappointed by 9. I went in with hopes that it would be clever and complex and interesting a la a Pixar movie, but…it was not. Visually, it was really great – I mean, steampunk rag dolls, how can you go wrong?! But the plot and dialogue kind of stumbled into standard summer explosion movie territory. I’d be interested to see the short that it was based on to compare the films’ ideas and see if something got lost in translation during the stretching-out process…

I wouldn’t write it off completely – it really is worth seeing for the visuals, just don’t go in expecting anything more than eye candy.

Summer blockbuster tally: 4-2-10


Ezra Pound Cake has had a string of recipes that I immediately added to my ‘To Make’ list, but when I saw her recent post about Quick Cinnamon Biscuits, I couldn’t wait to try them! And fortunately, the ingredient list is pretty standard fare (except for the heavy cream  – I substituted a combination of whole milk [which I had from an earlier cupcake recipe] and butter – a substitution that has contributed to disaster in the past, but seems to have worked here), so I whipped them up this morning.

True to her post, they were super-easy, super-fast, and super-yummy. The only thing I would change would be to add more of a thicker icing – in fact, I think I’ll go do just that and have another!