More yumminess!

I know, there must be something wrong with me – all this savoury food instead of sweets lately! I blame Ezra Pound Cake who’s been posting lots of super-tasty-looking savouries lately, including this recipe for Baked Southwestern Egg Rolls (you’ll see that she says you can increase the amount of cheese to two cups, which I did, but then it won’t be a low-fat recipe – but given the option of more cheese vs. low-fat, I will always, always go for more cheese!).

That picture isn’t entirely representative of what the filling is like – this egg roll just happens to be heavy on the spinach. The flavors are good – just enough spices and spinach + black beans = healthy food!

The recipe makes, like, a billion egg rolls (or, if I’m honest, closer to 20), so I baked off four of them (turns out 2 0r 3 are enough for me at a time) and froze the rest. I’ll try to remember to let you know how unfreezing them goes.

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