New TV: Thursday

Community (8:30 [moves to 7:00 on October 8] CST, NBC)

This is one whose pilot was “airing” on Facebook, I think, and doesn’t actually premiere until this Thursday (the 17th). It stars Joel McHale (from E!’s The Soup – a show I’ve never seen, but I know a lot of people love [and they love him, too]), one girl you’d probably recognize (though I don’t know her name), two girls you don’t (though one of them does look remarkably like Elizabeth Shue), two guys you don’t, and Chevy Chase. Oh, and a British guy that you’d recognize, but, yeah, I don’t know his name.

And I really, really liked it (dry humor gets me every time)! It made me laugh outloud and, I think, only 30 Rock does that (though it may be the wine I had with dinner talking – no, I think the show was actually funny).

My rating: I really hope that it stays as good as the pilot! Because I want to keep watching!


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