New TV: Wednesday

Glee (8:00 CST, Fox)

It’s time for new TV – I thought it would never start!

So technically, I’m very behind on this one – it had an early premiere in March and then again on September 9 – but two of the girls at work said that this was really good and I needed to be watching it. So, being the dutiful friend that I am, I have now watched the first two episodes and…they were right! I don’t usually go in for the whole High School Musical trend, but the actors in this show are really likable and the music is actually really fun – a bit on the cheddary side, but still really fun. It’s funny with a side of high school drama (between the kids as well as between the teachers). Super-fun!

My rating: I’m hooked – and you should be, too!

p.s. – My Fall TV Preview issue of EW FINALLY came, so I’m writing up my new TV schedule as we speak (mostly disappointing, but a few new shows I’m looking forward to, as well as the return of old favorites)!


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